Touchless Wash

For those customers who do not want anything touching their car, The Neighborhood Car Wash Touchless wash is your answer. The Touchless wash incorporates some of the latest technology utilizing ULTRASONIC VEHICLE DETECTION SYSTEM to guide the customer in the bay and accurately measuring your car. The moment you enter your auto receives an UNDERBODY wash protecting it from any road salts and harmful chemicals. Simultaneously, our ROCKER PANEL & WHEEL BLASTER target the dirt and grime on your wheels and rocker panels.

In the center of the bay, the Touchless wash starts with our two step presoak to loosen up the dirt and grime. The first pass targets the glass and chrome of your auto while the second pass works on the painted surface. The combination of the two further agitates the dirt beginning the cleaning process. The Neighborhood Car Wash follows up with a high pressure rinse. Years of touchless washing has proven a high pressure rise cleans your car superior to high pressure due to greater impingement at the surface.

After cleaning the auto, the Touchless wash begins bathing your car with a CLEAR COAT & TRI-COLOR protectant. These coats help shield your auto from dirt and grime while also providing a layer of rain protection.

The Neighborhood Car Wash NEW FOAMINATOR RAIN CURTAIN covers every aspect of your auto with Simoniz Wax and Shine. Your auto will receive over 3X the normal wax providing the ultimate protection and added luster for your prized procession.

As you exit, the Touchless wash blast your car with a center pass dryer and two side dryers contouring your auto with high speed air.

An added benefit is the Touchless wash can accommodate many vehicles which conveyor washes can’t fit. Autos such as dually trucks and full size Hummers are welcome at the Touchless wash.

At The Neighborhood Car Wash we give you’re a choice. You can choose superior technology via the Touchless or Foambrite close cell foam wash. Either way, we have you covered.