Foambrite Wash

The Foambrite Difference:

In recent years, foam washing technology has improved dramatically. This revolutionary new wash material is extremely gentle to today’s clear coat vehicles. Close cell foam resist water absorption and keeps dirt and grit from becoming imbedded, thereby retaining its light weight and gentle characteristics throughout the wash cycle with no disturbance of the car’s clear coat paint. Close cell foam also eliminates pulling, tugging and damage to exterior vehicle parts. It out cleans, outlasts, and outperforms conventional conveyor cloth washes for a superior job, actually polishing the car to give it an added luster.

This is not your father’s old friction conveyor cloth wash holding dirt from previous autos, rather an example of innovation that cleans and protects. In fact, the Foambrite was tested using scientific measurements on various segments of a used vehicle with a major auto manufacturer. The vehicle was driven for one year without any special precautions to protect the paint. During the course of the year, the auto manufacturer repeatedly washed using Foambrite. Several areas of the car were covered to protect the paint from being touched during the wash process. Prior to and at the conclusion of each wash, measurements were taken using the test tools of a Glossmeter and Reflectometer to measure shine and color. After a year worth of washing the gloss and color were virtually identical to the initial readings taken before the car had ever been washed. The gloss and readings for the areas washed by the Foambrite showed a much higher shine than the readings taken from those areas not washed with Foambrite.

The Foambrite Experience:

Upon entering the bay your vehicle will receive an UNDERBODY & ROCKER PANEL WASH, protecting it from any road salts and harmful chemicals.

In the center of the bay, the Foambrite wash will cover your car with the Foambrite Clean and Shine working in tandem with special close cell foam material to loosen and remove the harmful dirt and grime from your car. Your auto will be surrounded by close cell foam being lubricated and cleaning from every angle. As the gantry moves back, the special formulated wheel scrubs will target your tires and rims. A Tri-foam bath further adds 3 layers of cleaning/protection.

THE FOAMINATOR illuminates your auto in a multi- color bath with over 3X the normal protection of Simoniz Wax and Shine leaving your auto with superior protection and a lustrous smooth shine.

A final rinse of specially treated soften water (via reverse osmosis) creates a spot free rinse that captures any remaining particles. This mineral free water searches out and removes any foreign particulates, leaving your car free from any watermarks or mineral deposits.

Upon existing, the Foambrite wash blast your car with a center pass dryer and two side dryers contouring your auto with high speed air for a SUPER DRY.

This wash has become a staple of many a St Louis native at The Neighborhood Car Wash and has built quite a reputation in our community.


For anyone who may be afraid of a brush material touching their car: prior to purchasing the Foambrite wash, the owner of The Neighborhood Car Wash walked through an active wash cycle wearing only his swim trunks to understand the true impact of the foam material. Needless to say if it did not affect his unprotected skin, it certainly should treat your auto well.