Self Service

Only $1.50 for your first four minutes, best value in St. Louis!

The Neighborhood Car Wash is open 24 hours a day 365 days a year. You choose the type of wash you want during the cycle, featuring heated water. Some applications are applied via low pressure and others with high pressure.

The following are the services provided in our Self-Service bays:

TIRE CLEANER: Low pressure degreaser for tires and engine cleaning

PRE-SOAK: Low pressure chemical use to break up dirt/grime

WASH SOAP: High pressure hot water soap

FOAM BRUSH: Low pressure cherry scented foaming soap applied with brush

WAX: Low pressure sealant

HIGH PRESSURE RINSE: 1,100 PSI high pressure hot water rinse

FOAM CONDITIONER: Tri-foam wax conditioners providing 3 levels of protection

SPOT FREE RINSE: Low pressure reverse osmosis mineral free rinse, aggressively rinses away any remaining particles

High Powered Self Service vacuums are provided at The Neighborhood Car Wash. Our vac islands are trim with a rubber bumper to protect your vehicle doors and outfitted with trash receptacles for your convenience. One of our vacs provides the ability to shampoo and remove spots from your carpets and upholstery.

Our lot is illuminated with environmentally friendly, energy saving, bright white, LED lighting. This provides for a well-lighted, safe environment.

For your convenience we have a vending area to provide various towels, scented fragrance options, Armor All protectant and cleaner, Black Jack tire shine, Glass Cleaner, Brillo pads and other products.

At the Neighborhood Car Wash we take pride in providing the best car wash services backed by are satisfaction guarantee. Like many of our customers say, “this is the best car wash I have ever seen”

This is what was said about The Neighborhood Car Wash by the Riverfront Times:

“Wielding a hose at self-service bays is the most common method, and if most of the equipment works most of the time, we’re relieved to not have lost ten quarters. Then there’s the Neighborhood Car Wash, a sprawling, sparkling palace of automobile hygiene, where everything works if you let it. It’s an extremely tidy establishment with scrub bays cleaner than some people’s showers, vacuums that actually suck up dirt, and change machines that accept grubby bills. Within the complex are five self-service stalls with vacuums in the foyer, two Touchless drive-through and stand-alone vacuums off to the side for those who need to erase interior evidence, then dash away. All white and blue and breezy, the Neighborhood is like a water park for your car.”