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Frequently Asked Question

These are the questions that our customers usually ask.

When are you open?

The Neighborhood Car Wash is open 24/7 365 days a year.

Do you take credit and/or debit cards?

Yes, we accept both credit and debit cards in our self service and inbay automatic washes

What is the difference between the Touchless and FoamBrite automatic car washes?

The Touchless automatic cleans primarily utilizing special mix of chemicals to create a reaction which loosens the grime and grit on your vehicle. It uses a special high impact rinse technology to create the greatest impingement while never touching your vehicle.

The FoamBrite automatic cleans primarily using close cell foam brush technology. The close cell foam helps to not only clean your car but provide a polish luster. It does not allow dirt to stick to it like cloth brushes often utilized in conveyor tunnels.

How do I use the free token provided with each automatic wash?

The Neighborhood Car Wash token will provide a free vacuum on any of the yellow dome vacuums on our lot.

Do you sell towels and other car wash products?

Yes, The Neighborhood Car Wash vends towels,air fragrances, Armorall cleaning sponges & protectants, glass cleaner, brillo pads, and other car wash cleaning products.

Do you offer something to clean car mats and upholstery?

Yes, The Neighborhood Car Wash provides a shampoo/spot remover vacuum to help take out those stubborn areas.

How does the Wash Club work?

For one low monthly rate automatically billed to your credit or debit card, you will receive a Radio Frequency Identification tag which will activate a predetermine wash package of your choosing upon entrance to one of our two automatic washes.